Around Milan with Giuseppe Verdi

Around Milan with Giuseppe Verdi

Guide to discover the maestro's city. Foreword by Mirella Freni

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Famiglia: (Libri)
Strumento/materia: Guide » Guide turistico-musicali
Marchio: Curcilibri
Codice: EC30006
ISBN: 9788863951448
Tipologia: libro
Genere: classica
Pagine: 192
Formato: 20x15 cm
Confezione: Brossura

"This book celebrates the great love story between Milan and Giuseppe Verdi. These pages tell about biographical and artistic events of the maestro from Busseto during the years he spent in Milan, and at the same time describe the events and the evolution of the city. A passionate tale, chronicling the shared destiny that united forever a composer to a people, a career to a theatre, a man to his homeland."

Mirella Freni

Perhaps there is no stronger association in the history of music between a composer and a city than Verdi's relationship with Milan. Around Milan with Giuseppe Verdi is a 'music-tourist' guide which locates the compelling, ofter turbulent narrative of Verdi's life within the geographical and historical context of Milan itself. The suggested pedestrian itineraries further enhance this remarkably vivid insight into the composer's life in this great city.